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It may be surprising that a new product for the manufacture of a conical cigarette has come out of Germany, especially since, although the use of cannabis is widespread in most societal levels, legal legitimization appears to be a long way off. 


Two German developers have entered this area with a totally different approach: keeping the cannabis consumption as something completely private and natural they are restaging the act of preparing, crafting and consuming a cone in a matter that fits to their life.


It might be the german engineering DNA that let them focus on the rolling process as the heart piece of an enhanced consuming experience. Even both mastered the hand-rolling skills decades before, the idea of utilizing a "machina": or "apparat" inspired them to develop a complete new device and with that - a complete new and outstanding experience.

With the KM1 table device both created a unique outstanding device that follows only one purpose: providing a stage for celebrating the coning and consumption process within a group of enthusiastic friends and those to become ones.

“Actually, we are talking more about an elegant instrument than a machine,” according to Master Turak  After taking a closer look on the KM1 - the name of this invention - it is clear what the father of the world first meant. Designed as a table device the KM1 casing is entirely out of finely-worked rich wood, while the mechanical components are brass, brushed stainless steel and a carefully chosen woven fabric. It comes a along with a solid leather wallet made of bull cattle hide that includes cutters, knifes, cleaning brushs and a handturned wooden ebony cone stick.


The users – the friends of the KONUSMEISTER®  call themselves connoisseurs -  enjoy actively and independently learning and mastering the turning mechanism.  The final result is the conical joint, whose length, diameter and inhalation properties will be self-defined and will reach a perfection that rolling purely by hand can seldom reach.


Good friends like to share their experiences with each other. 


Therefore, it is no wonder that KONUSMEISTER® is often used in small groups that predominantly meet in private. A real connoisseur presents himself not only as a master of his field, but also as a superb host. 

This makes the connoisseur an ambassador for responsible cannabis consumption. Comparable to the Italian Barista of a Cáfe-Bar or the Latin American Torcedor of a cigar lounge or the bartender at a whisky tasting, the master connoisseur understands his responsibility to be a role model in the creation, presentation and tasting of the conical smoking product in a modest and respectful framework.

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Aspirants of the honorable society may pass the symbolic ceremony of an examination for the master craftsman's certificate and prove their aptitude by crafting their master piece within a regular Connoisseur evening. Once the perfect joint has been crafted the master diploma is officially signed and sealed. This follows the long tradition of the german craftmanship where only certified craftmen who achieved the master diploma can run a crafting business officially.

Certainly, the contributions the connoisseur culture has made to this controversial discussion, with its style and conviction, has proved influential in stimulating a healthy debate of a taboo subject.



While we as a community prefer to keep in the background to follow our passion we decided to provide some of our assets to everyone. Sharing what our hearts beat for.  Sharing it with everyone.

This is why we created the brand KONUSMEISTER - our contribution to a fruitable, inspiring and responsible dealing with cannabis in the society.


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