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The CONE ROLLER 21 is a manufactured product for the style-conscious roll-it-yourself enthusiast.


The turning mechanism is intuitive, simple and reliable and ensures high-quality turning results in every situation.


The body is made of massive european walnut. Oiled and waxed with pure biological incredients (line seed, honey wax, orange oil and others). A pleasure for eyes, fingertips and nose.


With its rotating components made of steel and brass, we have given the CONE ROLLER 21 with its reliable construction indestructibility.


Paper sizes up to King Size format can be processed. Both self-rolled filters and all commercially available carbon filters can be used.


SET includes

1 x Cone Stick "Firemaster" (handturned mahagony wood)

1 x Carbon Steel Cutter black

1 x Replacement Mat

1 x Package KONUSMEISTER Papers King Size with tips

CONE ROLLER 21 - SET with Stick "Firemaster" and Cutter

SKU: AC23134
GST/HST Included |
  • 1 x Cone Roller 21 in walnut

    1 x Cone Stick in Palisander

    1 x Cutter

    1 x replacement mat

    1 x KONUSMEISTER Papers & Tips King Size Slim