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We use local and partially exotic woods.

We offer exotic types only within strongly limited editions.

We exclude endangered wood species completely.
We align the number of used wood types to the current
ecological state of a the tree population.

Temporary threats such as disease or pest infestation are also counted in (i.e italian olive trees are accected by regional deseases since a few years, we leave them out).


We only produce in small numbers, despite the market demand. If a product is out  - its out and will come back again once.
We plan our workpieces as small as possible - even if that makes the manufacturing process more complicated and time-consuming.
The processing residues are used for pellets, packaging material or as a recycle component for composite materials.
Doing this ensures at least 90% of the raw material being utilized.

walnut, cherry, yew, ash, smoked oak

North America
walnut, vinegar tree, amaran

padouk, cebrano, makassar ivory


Depending on the product, the following treatments take place:


  • Deep treatment with orange-balsamic-linseed oil mixtur

  • Hand oiling with natural linseed mixture

  • Finishing with natural honey wax or hard oil

Depending on the required gloss level of each product, the outer surfaces are treated in several jobs and polished with a cloth.
Follow-up treatments and refreshes are easy to do by everyone.

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